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"There is no story unless you’ve written it."

- Hunter S. Thompson (via theparisreview)

"I think each time I write that it may be the last time; then I’m charmed by something and seem to have to say something."

- Marianne Moore (via theparisreview)


“When you are in the grip of the uncertainty and self-doubt of defining who you are, attack can be an easy escape—and hard to abandon.”
Sadie Stein on the things we are supposed to love.

“I see dreams as part of life in general, but reality is much richer.”
RIP Gabriel García Márquez

“As long as books survive in paper and ink, it will be partly because they can also be just this side of disposable—because some will be found, and end up, on a neighbor’s stoop, or at the local thrift store. Because some deserve to.”
Sadie Stein on how to save frozen books.

"Making things is so human that psychology and philosophy have gotten nowhere in trying to account for it."

- Guy Davenport (via theparisreview)


                        five years old,he sees more than he knows, but likes the mysteryof fondness, and the nothing in his dream
that might be everything he cannot telland might be what it seems: that private gameof making good, and owing no one nothing.
—John Burnside, from “Nothing.”Photography: Kin Chan.

(via romteen)


Zen Bedroom via Moon to Moon

Moon Tiles :)

Now I want to learn the banjo

Take me here please.

Bohemian HOmes: Bringing Amethyst into your home